Egg drop paper tape straws

21 July 2018, Saturday
limit, bring everyone back together. I used electrical tape to attach mine to reduce weight but I'm sbi sure hot glue or other kinds of tape would work just as well. This attaches the propeller assembly to the base while also allowing you to easily take it off for transporting or checking the egg. Separate the teams so they are not very close to each other (to prevent copying ideas). Ideally they would be perpendicular to eachother but as long as it's able to support the egg it should be fine. If it's not fitting make sure the bulk of the excess plastic bag is under the egg when you place it in and the egg is sitting vertically in the tube (eggs are much stronger in this orientation). When everyone is done, drop the creations one by one, and check inside to see if the egg broke or was protected. This is easiest with an x-acto knife but scissors will work too. First get a small ziplock bag and cut the top off (about one third down).

Paper solar eclipse viewer Egg drop paper tape straws

S left is putting everything together. Assemble the Rotors, if more than one team is successful. Now all thatapos, the winner will be determined by the fewest straws used. Also slightly curl out the bottom cuts so that when the device lands it acts as a sort of spring or shock absorber and spreads out.

Hard ground, show your students a raw egg and ask them what they think would happen if you dropped it on the paper pocket holders ground. What went well and what was effective in terms of teamwork. Ask the teams about their experiences.

Poke a hole about half a centimeter from the end of roll (I found the x-acto knife worked well here).Step 1: Materials, the materials I used to create my device: 2 toilet paper rolls 1 manila paper folder (any kind of thicker paper would work just as well) 5 yakitori skewers (long thin sticks) 2 straws ziplock bag some thread (optional) tape, tools: hot.Build On What They Talked About.

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Make sure all the blades are approximately equidistant from the center of the tube (this ensures that it is the most stable as it gracefully spins downward). © 2018. All rights reserved.