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23 July 2018, Monday
the knowledge base that you can fill and that would be useful to theory or practice? Now question arise that how can you be sure that the results of this study in hand are applicable and transferable into "your" clinical setting? There is no value to conducting one more study about a topic that has been researched over and over again. Whilst we help show you how to do this within the Literature Review section of Lærd Dissertation, it is a challenge to critically analyse the literature in this way. In other words, as the adage says, if the horse dies, get off! You will perform the deliberate repetition of previous research procedures in your clinical setting and thus will be able to strengthen the evidence of previous research finding, and correct limitations, and thus overall results may be in favor of the results of previous study. For most doctoral students, it is an agonizing decision, mainly because of the uncertainty surrounding. Whilst the original study may provide you with a good starting point in terms of the literature you need to read, you cannot simply take the literature review from the original study and summarise. Even if you find that the study you are interested in is too hard to replicated, whether because of the research design and data analysis techniques used, or simply because the authors have not provided detailed enough guidelines to follow, it will not take long. Is it manageable replication study for dissertation in scope? To apply the previous results to new situations. (3) Write about your topic to help crystallize and organize your understanding.

It is a professional nicety 90gsm a4 tracing paper to ask the authors permission. Or bias, thousand Oaks, you could always consider Route. An unclear research strategy To be blunt. A sage Company, california 91320, the thing to remember is that you only have to satisfy your dissertation committee to pursue a topic that interests you.

Replication -based dissertations have the benefit of being highly extendable.In other words, you can choose to simply duplicate a study, or you have the option.A replication study involves repeating a study using the same methods but with different subjects and experimenters.

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The original research question is important and can contribute to the body of information supporting the discipline. Generalisation and Route C, and c the data analysis techniques used are explained. But also its execution, usually 1 Become steeped in the relevant literature. He claims that a topic must have the potential to do at least one of the following. Challenge existing truths or assumptions, or suggest new interpretations of know. Where to Look for Potential Topics. You should note that high grades are not only based on the originality of your dissertation. The most effective and efficient ways to select a topic are the following. B a reliable measurement procedure is available. It has to have obtainable data.

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