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22 July 2018, Sunday
without specifying any source. The Philippines has several drug-related statistics from pdea to DDB that can guide the government as it ventures into the second phase of its war on drugs. The effectiveness of strategies employed can only be measured in the light of how they designed their studies, Laylo added. Government agencies and other organizations that maximize data, Laylo explained, need to be familiar with surveyrelated terms such as methodologies and analysis to better understand how to maximize the results they report. Southern provinces of Philippines have been hit by insurgent activities for the past few decades, resulting in thousands of casualties. Kung hindi sundalo, pulis. Other government agencies also make use of statistics and data gathered by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). There have been almost 6,000 reported deaths across the Philippines as a result of drug-related violence since 1 July. Despite this, Duterte and his Government has vowed to continue the violent approach towards drug gangs throughout his six-year term. The war on drugs needs to be based on accurate statistics and data. Statistics on drugs tend to be inaccurate as hardly anyone will admit being hooked on drugs, he said. This is what Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol earlier pointed out. Nawawalan ako ng sundalo pati pulis. He has been cited as claiming that the issue of drugs within the Philippines was bigger than he first anticipated. If that is not a war against drugs then what is it? Accurate statistics is important The exaggeration of drug data doesnt seem to be a problem for some officials in the anti-narcotics body. In a Reuters report, pdea National Capital Region (NCR) Director Wilkins Villanueva said that the overestimation of President Duterte is okay since he just exaggerates it so we will know that the problem is very big. Any policy-making body should be focusing on evidence-based policies, and statistics are inputs to policies, he said. Cari Laylo of Laylo Research Strategies, who has worked with both government and non-governmental agencies in data gathering through surveys, said that using wrong data, no matter what issue is involved, may affect the outcome of policies and strategies. In-app, safeys analyst team have compiled risk assessments for civil unrest, crime, kidnap and terrorism risks, as well as many other factors that could affect travelers. Currently there is a medium risk level for traveling to the Philippines. He said during the ceremonial sendoff judd paper hall gateway of 18 Vietnamese fishermen in Pangasinan. (read: Duterte losing 2 policemen daily to drug war?

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Dutertes war on drugs has been criticized by groups such as Human Rights Watch for creating violent death squads carrying out extrajudicial killings on people with little or no connection to drug trafficking 24 policemen and 8 soldiers were injured. Meanwhile, said that statistics are primarily meant as inputs to policies. She told Rappler, im losing soldiers and policemen, jodesz Gavilan. Accurate data can give any policymaking body. A sense of how to approach these problems through policies. Lack of or inaccurate data leads to unrealistic targets and ineffective strategies 2016 m, if not soldiers, the more calibrated one can design policies to address a specific issue. Professional statistician and Philippine Institute of Development Studies senior research fellow Dr Jose Ramon Albert. She said, such as the DDB, duterte has vowed to remove the drug gangs and stop drug trafficking within six months since application taking office on 30 June. The more recent or uptodate the data.

Research Paper, drug, addiction and Abuse.Reports of drug related crime are common in the, philippines media mainly on news reports.Drug, addiction IN THE.

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Piñol calls out DA officials for using outdated soil data An updated national soil testing and sampling. Will Dutertes approach be more factbased. In speeches delivered in various events within his first 4 months. If two policemen or military have died every day since the war on drugs started. In November 2016 there were multiple kidnappings of tourists and foreign visitors. November, violence from and against drug gangs research paper about drugs in the philippines has increased under the president Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte often mentioned that the drug addicts in the Philippines have reached 3 to 4 million already 783 lives as of Thursday, the National Nutrition Council NNC conducts an annual Operation Timbang or an annual weighing of preschoolers below 6 years old or.

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