English honors thesis

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ECommons will be completely unavailable from 8am, Oct. Prior to fall and winter registration, you will be contacted by the Undergraduate Student Services Assistant with honors seminar information and registration instructions. The abstract is a formalized summary or precis of the materials, argument, and methodology used in the senior essay. The introduction should be approximately 10-15 pages in length and demonstrate familiarity with research methodologies appropriate to the discipline. English honors students will normally begin their senior capstone coursework in their junior year (though other arrangements are possible for transfer students who began their careers at Eastern as juniors). For example, a student writing a memoir may choose to write an essay on contemporary memoirists such as Joan Didion or Cheryl Strayed. Topics should be specific enough to enable a deep degree of inquiry, but broad enough to justify the thesis's longer length. Though the program occasionally accepts a few late applicants (i.e. To achieve a degree with Honors, a student must successfully complete the honors thesis and maintain.5 major GPA and.4 cumulative GPA. It is suggested that these courses be taken in different semesters as the classroom discussion and reading and writing requirements are particularly challenging. Around March 15, the English Department notifies the Registrar of all students graduating with English honors (pending completion of thesis). American, Linguistics, Creative writingFiction). Honors in English signals sustained, outstanding achievement in the undergraduate major. Samuel Cohen ( Director of Undergraduate Studies, in the spring semester before their senior year. 4996: The Honors Seminar fulfills the Capstone requirement for graduation, but only students who complete both 49re eligible to graduate with departmental honors. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Students interested in pursuing a creative writing thesis should have completed the three-course sequence in their chosen genre prior to taking 4996. At the beginning of the semester, a schedule for submitting drafts and revisions as well as a final due date for the essay should be established. The Wagner awards are announced at the year-end Honors Symposium. English Department Honors Thesis Archive Catalog. For example, a student writing a novella set on board a sailing ship may choose to write an essay researching several notable works of maritime fiction. Awards come from a limited pool of approximately 250 and may be used to help support trips to archives or other sites related to students' work; apply early. The undergraduate advisor Mary Moore will issue permission numbers to approved students during the early registration period. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will do all possible to make sure all qualified students complete honors theses but unfortunately can offer no guarantees. This annual award is decided by the Honors Committee and includes a cash prize. The Quinn Creative-Writing Thesis Prize is given to the student whose final thesis has generated the most excitement among the readers and previous workshop leaders. Students should cite a minimum of 8 sources on a Works phd Cited page. Those intending to study abroad should inform the Honors Director of their plans as early as possible, so that the curricula for junior and senior years may be carefully planned.

English honors thesis

Becoming a member of the English Department Honors Program means becoming a part of a small. Available here, and must also provide two english honors thesis letters of recommendation from ecsu English faculty. Applicants must submit a letter to the department chair explaining their interest in pursuing English honors of intent outlining a proposed English honors project. Weighing a variety of factors in combination. Grades on the final honors thesis are given by the individual faculty thesis advisors and should reflect both the students work throughout the semester and the quality of the final product.

Most meaningful piece of work students undertake as English majors. You have taken at least one theory ieee course English 390 or 490 and begun thinking about a possible focus for your thesis. At that time you will be issued a permission number to enroll in 4996. Your chances for success in the program are greatest. Statistics, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will notify you of your advisor.

Information for Prospective Thesis Writers, to graduate with departmental honors, students must have.5 GPA or above in English and.3 GPA overall and have completed the two course sequence beginning with English 4996: The Honors Seminar in English and ending with English.Guidelines for each are as follows: Critical : The critical essay is a thesis of 25-40 pages in length involving a significant component of research in its preparation and composition.

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Students write most of their thesis in two required courses: 495-Honors Colloquium: Drafting the Thesis (taken fall term of senior year) and 496-Honors Colloquium: Completing the Thesis (taken winter term of senior year).
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