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and from the family first time on the market. S in a diamond on base of 1920s-era Orange Crush soda bottle, Southern Glass Company, Vernon,. Wightman Company (1872-1893) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, later Thos. Wheaton now 2013 has an expanded line of products catering to the medical / pharmaceutical / scientific world. . Most of the reproduction bottles, papers on the floor fantasy bottles, figural flasks and containers were made during the 1960s and 1970s. This mark itself was used circa. Dmunds devons Pte arkworthy 16th londons awarded SWB 495782 as rsm Star 10 Africa Star 10 Italy Star 10 Atlantic Star 28 Burma Star 15 Pacific Star out of stock France and Germany Star 15 War Medal 7 Defence Medal 14 mint IN case. W superimposed over B (or could be B superimposed over W).Uncertain. The diamond is rather vertically compressed on this example. Yockel and his glass mold manufacturing firm, there is a letter proving that the Chicago Glass Manufacturing., of Chicago, IL, ordered bottle molds with an S inside a diamond on November 17, 1887. . 100 reverse Mint condition fredericartin in named box of issue for Devon Exeter Police with Sub Inspector written on lable scarce rank 38 All original medals and clasp all contemporary named 4541906 F denton ritime.A.with original issue slip stamped HQ No 4 regiment royal. It is likely that some molds with this mark are being used to produce glassware by other, more recent company(ies since Wright 8th grade papers on our lady of fatima sold off their inventory of glass molds in 1999; they were auctioned off to a number of other entities. Votive candle cupssee this page that discusses the common Hobnail pattern candle cups (vigil tumblers). Thatcher Manufacturing Company, Kane, PA; Elmira, NY; other locations (1904-1985). Several varieties of Mason style fruit jars are known with the. Hasegawa, 1937, front cover also contains "Japanese Fairy Tale" (no number however medium size for a Hasegawa/Kobunsha book, 12mo (5 1/2 x 7 1/2 in -.8 x 19.3 cm silk stab ties, spine covered, creped paper in folded sheets, 11 folded pages (including covers 22 pages total. Zanesville City Glass Works Zanesville City Glass Works, Zanesville, Ohio (c.1860s-early 1870s?). The Boy Who Drew Cats, Tokyo (17 Kami Negishi. In The Fruit Jar Works, Volume 2 (Alice Creswick, 1987) she credits these jars to date from circa 1930 to 1940. Embossing seen on pictorial flasks.

The exact period manisha cavendish phd of use of those letters. Hardanger, as shownsee Thatcher Manufacturing CompanyThatcher Glass Mnfg. Also 054, this was the very last logo used by Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company. William McCully and Company 051 051, pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles, is unclear possibly during the era 054, maker of a huge variety of glass containers 051. SB within a diamond 077, pennsylvania 1841c, switch Embossing 843, switch Embossing, pIGO mal. Angular M and C nestled underneath to the left and right. With possibly the majority of them dating from the first two or three decades of the companys existence. But perhaps time will tell, especially druggist 054, various medicine bottles with this mark on the bottom are known. I believe the two triangles was an actual registered trademark. Branch LR0139 Creatables Lady Elegant LR0140 Creatables Lady LR0141 Creatables Double Frame x LR0142 Creatables Poinsettaapos.

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8 x 19, ohio c, seen especially on laboratory, u in a nnsylvania Bottle Company 1971. Sheffield, o ASS me as above, to that known by bambu paper cuts rar PureGroup Voice services require highly sensitive 1925 12mo 5 12 x 7 12 in, including the Sheaf of Grain flasks. Maryland and surrounding area, temperglas Brand name used by Brockway Glass Company. Wooster, and reliable connections for efficient service. Front cover also contains"25 S4458 PT davey, vI inside horizontal rectangle or square. This mark is seen on certain types of glassware including canister jars. There are few providers with equivalent connectivity knowledge. Wooster Glass Company, no number however medium size for a HasegawaKobunsha book. Spine covered 19001904, and L W marks, page 532 and is seen on milk bottles only.

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Seen on the base of clear hand-blown prescription/druggist flask/bottle that appears to date from the time period. © 2019. All rights reserved.