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22 July 2018, Sunday
Police Department, who he said is now noticing an increase in fake plates. Worth, Texas, has over 35 years of criminal law practice. Consumer Justice rode along as the undercover detectives bought two fake paper plates from a man in a gas station parking lot. The plates are mainly used to hide either the vehicle or the driver from the law. The others looked like 1,000 throw down burner cars for the most part. They say 90 percent of the paper plates on the roads are fake. However, a lot of law enforcement officers still at this stage, really dont know what theyre looking at because they havent really been trained in that. Were not going to tax our taxpayers any longer for you to balance your budget, said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Saucedo was sentenced to 96 hours of community service, and resigned his job as a deputy constable. After Texas stopped requiring two stickers, investigators say paper plate fraud exploded. Because the paper tags paper heading to the right or left dont come back to a particular vehicle or person, said Cox, we have certain dealerships that sell paper tags out the back door for money. The old plates were easily reproducible and because of the unfamiliarity of law enforcement with the plates, many times the plates were ignored. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Dash cam video shows Agustin Saucedo admitting to using a template on his home computer to print his own plates. Additionally, if it is shown at trial that an individual knowingly altered or made illegible the letters, numbers, or other identification marks on a license plate, that individual could be subject to the same punishment as displaying a fake license plate. Related story, austin (kxan) - Criminals looking to use fake paper license plates to skirt vehicle inspections or drive around off-the-radar now have one more obstacle in their way as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles starts issuing a new design aimed at being more. Currently, the new changes only apply to dealer tags, not tags obtained by individual drives, including 30-day permits, 144-hour permits, 72-hour permits and one-trip tags, which is causing some law enforcement officials to worry that fraud will continue despite the change. Were almost at where we were last year for a total already this year and were just sitting in April, he said. He says its possible the car cant pass inspection, or the person behind the wheel doesnt have a drivers license or insurance. Task Force Captain John Dohmann says the unit will be officially dissolved on September 30th. For more information about vehicle registration or to check a car title before making a purchase, go to the Texas DMV's website. Fraudulently displaying a fake license plate, paper or otherwise, in Texas is a Class B misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 180 days (six months) in jail and up to a 2,000 fine. The money also went to the Low Income Repair Assistance Program or lirap, better known as Cash for Clunkers.

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Told CBS 11 the deputies will be assigned to other jobs within the county with the hopes of bringing the task force back together in December. Continue Reading, its to be seen over the next 60 days to 90 days. The task force is made up of four traffic enforcement deputies and ten detectives. This change only applies to dealerissued paper tags. Said Sgt, the task force pulled over a Dallas County Deputy Constable driving plate his personal vehicle with a fake paper plate. When Consumer Justice contacted Gov, when the state money dried. A Criminal Fraud Attorney with The Medlin Law Firm. Leave it below, medlin, he said the DMVapos, heres the Governors full statement. Escribano said theres a need to educate law enforcement agencies about what to look for when theyapos.

Austin (kxan) - Criminals looking to use fake paper license plates to skirt vehicle inspections or drive around off-the-radar now have one.Dallas (M) It s a massive problem in North Texas and it s driving by you everyday: fake paper license plates.

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Kuntz said the strongest security feature on fake paper license plate paper license plates is the unique alphanumeric number. Representatives of the Dallas County Commissioners and the North Central Texas Council of Governments both said they were working to replace the funding. Looked like they actually were purchased in the last few days. Youve got somebody thats got a fraudulent tag. And itll be months before they know for sure how effective the new measures are since both the new and old license plate designs will be on the road for about 60 days.

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Its called the Dallas County Clean Air Task Force a misleading name for a group whose mission is to get fake paper tags off the road.
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