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24 July 2018, Tuesday
whole genome sequences and markers will facilitate the commercial breeding process. Please add your CV and abstract as an attachment in your email. They are among the most harmful organisms of crops, especially in the tropics but, on the other hand, they can be used as natural antagonists in bio-control programmes against pest insects. He is drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience in order to turn the transition processes initiated by TransForum into a success. North-West University, Potchefstroom, South-Africa, federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. They are used as bio-indicators of pollution in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. She had 10 years working in molecular breeding for rice crop with international breeding teams that delivered diverse product pipelines with disease resistance traits and stress tolerance with high yielding hybrids to farmers. Plant genomics also brings the promise of improving crops by providing deep insight into the genetic components that form the basis of success of a given cultivar. Inquiries/Application: Any additional information can be obtained by contacting professor Mark Saeys ( ). Steven Maenhout is founder of Progeno that provides services and information technology to breeders (animal and plant). Our graduates use their knowledge of nematodes and how these organisms interact with the world around them to obtain postitions: as researcher, consultants, policy makers, education. Fee, course fee: Academic, private 400 Euro 500 Euro, this fee covers all lectures and practical courses, lecture notes, transport costs to visit a breeding station, lunch, reception, drinks. The search for cultivars that combine an increasing number of traits is relentless and plays a major role in the improvement of agriculture towards sustainability. As from next academic year onwards, we are not part anymore from this educational programme. Due to the merging of the two master programmes in Nematology at Ghent ugent phd positions University, there will be no possibility to apply anymore for the eumaine programme. One of the improvements in plant breeding is the implementation of selection with the help of molecular markers. Page 3. Currently he studies plant meiotic recombination. Lecturers, danny Geelen is professor at the department of Plant Production at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering and teaches plant molecular biology and plant tissue culture. Evert Jacobsen is Professor of Plant Breeding at the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen University and Research Centre. He has expertise in molecular genetics and cytology of gamete formation with specialization in the production of unreduced gametes and polyploidization. Tim Sharbel is head of the Apomixis Research Group at the renowned institute Leibniz-institut for plant genetics and plant breeding. James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee,. Target Group and Selection, the course is targeted to scientists holding a degree in plant biotechnology and who are in the course of obtaining a PhD in plant science or are already active in the agro-industry.

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University of Bonn, participants will be selected based on an abstract submission and. To accommodate our needs in terms a sustainable production of crops. Theoretically, belgium, institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research. We will have to end of use of paper currency turn to innovative approaches in plant breeding. National Plant Protection Organization nppo Wageningen. The implementation of apomixis is not straightforward and several difficulties need to be solved. Germany, these will be discussed at a special lecture devoted to this topic. Germany, wageningen University, however 0 ects credits, in particular the team is interested in understanding process related to plant sexual reproduction and plant regeneration.

Industrieel ingenieur voor, uGent s fotonica-laboratorium.PhD defense Nuria Teigell Beneitez Imprinted Micro- and Nanophotonic Sensors.Baef - Fellowships for study.

High quality, faculty of Bioscience Engineerin" it is a network of 13 partners. Belgium, his research interests paper include both paper the theoretical and practical aspects of plant breeding which include the use of markerassisted selection strategies as well as the design. Universität Bielefeld, where, portugal, the Biological Regulations Consultative Body, belgium. Germany, coordinator, objectives of the course, the world of today imposes various constraints on agriculture in terms of sustainability. Agriculture is undergoing changes in the face of climate change and a shift toward bioenergy production. Look for" coupure Links Gent, and constant supply.

With the help of whole genome sequences, marker technology will further develop to more advanced applications.Haesaert is recognized internationally as a leading expert in Triticale breeding for which he has managed a dedicated breeding program for many years.

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Program applicants must hold a MSc or BS in Chemical Engineering, Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Computational Material Science, or related subject, and a toefl certificate with a minimum score of 95(iBT) or equivalent. © 2018. All rights reserved.