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22 July 2018, Sunday
each piece in half the other way and unfold it to form a crease as shown. Fold the triangles into the center, making two parallelograms, and unfold the outer flaps of the papers before placing them on top of each other in an cross shape. You have just made your own paper throwing star! Take the shirt and put it over your head without your head going all the way through the hole and your arms out of the sleeves. Unfold the flaps on both pieces and fold them into the other piece. optional*- If you aren't the best at tearing along a crease in paper than you can easily use scissors to cut along this crease for you. All sponser you need is a long-sleeved shirt. This flap will be the part you are going to cut off. Plastics Contest, side Dishes Challenge.

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After you cut the square in half. And fold the squares of each paper to make triangles. Fold each of rectangles in half as shown in the picture above. You ninja star paper cut need to cut the flap off. For the other piece of paper do the opposite and fold the left side down and the right side. You need to lie one of the pieces directly over the other one at an opposite angle and facing the same way. To make your ninja star you need a square piece of paper. This is an important step because it is the beginning steps for what is to come and if this step gets messed up the entire ninja star.

Folding ninja stars with paper is an easy and.Mom's not too keen on the metal ninja stars, so you'll have.Paper cuts only happen when you hit the paper.

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Putting the Pieces Together, you cut need to ninja take one corner of the paper and fold it over the paper until it is aligned with the opposite edge. Step 4, first, html, then fold them in half again but the opposite way. Cut a square piece of paper in half to make 2 rectangles. Mobile, to make a ninja star from square paper. Step 7, desktop, you can do this with a ruler and marker but another way is to fold it over onto itself to make a crease along the edge where the two meet. It will not work from this step. CSS, you need one piece of paper. You will need to mark the point where the overlap meets the flap. Once you do this, it is important that you do not fold the edges so it looks like a parallelogram because if you. Unfold the Rectangles Once Then Fold Sideways Along the Middle Crease on Both Sides in Opposite Directions.

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Step 8: Ninja Mask, this has nothing to do with the construction of your ninja star but if you or the child you are creating this project wants to look like a ninja than this is the step for you. © 2018. All rights reserved.