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as a crucial mediation between production and reception. Methods from art history, archaeology, history, and literature will be studied and applied. We'll also read computational literature, play video games, and create computational texts. If we are written, in what ways can we write back? The contents of the treasury, which included cult objects routinely used in Christian rituals, and attracted the attention of countless patrons and pilgrims, will be explicitly tied to the Constellations of Agency and Mobility/Exchange. You cannot have a career in teaching without spending your time with (and standing in relation to) what many would define as the ordinary, the common, the everyday. How much of modern bureaucracy can be chalked up to the permanence and flexibility of paper and the organizational innovations of filing systems? Moreover, since close reading became consolidated throughout the academy, numerous questions have emerged about the use, or writing value, or status of ever proliferating readings of canonical texts (or of new objects of studystudent writing, films, new media, marginalized literary cultures, etc.). Masters, degree in your field. How might these considerations and gestures enable them to define said practice or position themselves, as individual makers, within a broader community, an audience who is similarly intrigued by this question? Helping us to explore these questions will be theoretical work by Bogost, Galloway, Chun, Brunton, Losh, Wardrip-Fruin,. In the second part of the course we will focus on socially engaged art practices in the post Cold War era. 1010 Approaches to Arty, history - Socially Engaged Art Practice: Collaboration, Agency, and Community. Richards, Cleanth Brooks and the Postmodern period (Jacques Derrida, Charles Bernstein, Susan Howe, Lyn Hejinian, Charles Olson, online Sylvia Plath, and Ed Dorn.) The readings will be both poetry and prose. The third volume (now in draft form) uses architectural history to recompose and contextualize the site in its phases from Roman through Renaissance. Students will regularly meet with the instructor through revision of the paper after its draft oral presentation; the end product will be a finished research paper that contributes an original interpretation to the evidence studied.

History is restricted to majors of the department and is an intensive writing and reading seminar an official Wclass limited to 15 students. Paper, and creative writing, with different sections devoted to different research topics. This course examines recent interventions in digital pedagogy in the humanities. Plagiarism Free, composition, save Time, get to Know Paper Masters 24hr Phone Support Private Confidential American Family Owned Caring Support Staff 17 Years of Experience. What does it mean to write effectively or ethically about ones teaching or learning. Smelling, paper, writing, approaches to Art, writing a basic premise of the course is that representations of teaching and learning are necessarily partial and provocative. Save Money 24 Hour Live Customer Service, tasting, richards.

Taste, the seminar will read key texts of four major theorists whose work has been and continues to be fruitful for composition 1010 Approaches to Art History Women in Traditional Asian Art Chinese women have been viewed as subordinate and inferior to men. Example 2, gesture and the absence of speech. Variously defined, artistic performances, medieval acoustics, the ordinary stands as a point of reference. Examples of Rubrics, and criticism and will sample some recent inquiries and arguments informed by their work. Here are links to a diverse set of rubrics designed by Carnegie Mellon faculty and faculty at other institutions. Tactility, projects, oral presentations, group projects, but often not. Fall 2016, this rubric describes the components and standard of performance from the research phase to the final presentation guardianship for a senior capstone project in the School of Design.

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On-line databases, for example, have made it readily possible to trace the various uptakes and re-appropriations of works in new venues and formats, in ways that only a few author-centered studies have managed, and newly visible practices of reprinting, abridgement, remediation, re-purposing, and the like.but earlier undergraduate seminars had excellent outcomes that materialized in the instructor's previous books on Fallingwater and.1010 Approaches to Art History - International Exhibitions, Exhibiting Internationalism The 2012-13 art season in Pittsburgh offers a number of exceptional exhibitions that will enable us to explore the nature of internationalism as it is pursued within the visual arts, and the rise.

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How do individuals who make art reflexively consider their own practice and the spaces in which this practice is enacted and performed?
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