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Beginning January 1, 2013, the director shall share information regarding suspension or revocation of a certificate of a certified person, as defined in this article for violation of the substance abuse provisions of article one-a of this chapter with other states that subject similar. Physicians Examination Form - Mine Rescue Team Member, voluntary Surrender Form - This form must be completed, signed and notarized when an individual wishes to voluntarily surrender a certification. (10) Grounded (earthed The term grounded (earthed) means that the system, circuit or apparatus referred foreman to is provided with a ground. No temporary relief shall be granted in the case of a notice issued under section fifteen of this article. (8) Return air: The term return air means a volume of air that has passed through and ventilated all the working places in a mine section. (b) Upon receiving the report of such investigation, the director shall make findings of fact, and issue a written decision, incorporating therein an order vacating, affirming, modifying or terminating the order, or the modification or termination of such order, or the notice complained of and. (d) Electrical inspectors shall be paid an annual salary of not less than 42,828, which shall be fixed by the director, who shall take into consideration ability, performance of duty and experience. (h) A notice or order issued pursuant to this section may be modified or terminated by an authorized representative of the director. The charge shall state the name of the person charged, the duty or duties he or she is alleged to have violated, the approximate date and place so far as is known of the violation of duty, the capacity of the person making the charge. (a) The director, in consultation with the state Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety, shall promulgate rules in accordance with chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, detailing the requirements for mine safety programs to be established by coal operators, as provided in subsection (b). A person trained in the use and care of breathing apparatuses shall inspect and test the apparatuses at intervals not exceeding thirty days and shall certify by signature and date that the inspections and tests were done. (1) Abandoned workings: The term abandoned workings means excavation, either caved or sealed, that is deserted and in which further mining is not intended, or open workings which are ventilated and not inspected regularly. When are certification classes offered? All rules in effect on the effective date of this article which pertain to the provisions of this chapter as they relate to health and safety inspection and enforcement shall remain in effect until changed or superseded by the director, or as appropriate. Review of orders and notices by the director. The director shall devote all of his or her time to the duties of the position of director and shall not be directly interested financially in any mine in this or any other state nor shall the director, either directly or indirectly, be a majority. (8) Superintendent: The term superintendent means the person who has, on behalf of the operator, immediate supervision of one or more mines. The director shall then appoint one of the candidates from the three having the highest grades. (1) In the past six years, West Virginia's coal industry has been battered by constant judicial and regulatory assaults, which have disproportionately raised the cost of mining coal in West Virginia compared with production costs in other coal producing states. (6) Qualified person: The term qualified person means a person who has completed an examination and is considered qualified on record by the office. All mine rescue teams shall be guided by the mine rescue apparatus and auxiliary equipment manual. Any such hearing shall be of record. The findings of the director, if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole, shall be conclusive. In any case, where the coal mine is subject to the control of any person not directly involved in the daily operations of the coal mine, there shall be filed with the director the name and address of such person and the name and address. The conviction of any person under this subsection shall result in the revocation of any certifications held by the person under this chapter which certified or authorized the person to direct other persons in coal mining by operation of law and bars that person from. (5) Mine foreman: The term mine foreman means the certified person whom the operator or superintendent shall place in charge of the inside workings of the mine and of the persons employed therein.

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Subject paper products suppliers in los angeles to dismissal only i decided to phd for cause in accordance with the applicable provisions of section twelve of this article. The term portable trailing cable means a flexible cable or cord used for connecting mobile. And removal of underground mine inspectors. The board may subpoena witnesses and require production of any books. Article thirteenbb, at the expiration of the time period. Chapter eleven of this code, portable or stationary equipment in mines to a trolley system or other external source of electric energy where permanent mine wiring is prohibited or is impracticable.

The following links are intended to provide the.West Virginia Mining industry and the.Underground, foreman Certification, change Request.

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The director is hereby authorized to purchase. Including the training of inspectors for the specialized requirements of surface. The inspectors, you may contact your inspector to assist in determining your specific training needs. As above classified, the certification and corrective action records shall how to transfer mine foreman papers from wv to va be maintained at the mine rescue station for a period of one year and made available on request to an authorized representative of the director.

The interim service appointment cannot last for more than one year, after which a permanent director must be appointed.(i) Upon completion of the initial training, all mine rescue team members shall receive at least forty hours of refresher training annually.(b) Office of Miners Health, Safety and Training.

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