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below is not meant to be exhaustive. Other electives Students are expected to take additional courses in bioengineering, epidemiology, immunology, or other basic biological/medical sciences as appropriate for their research interests. OEH:6433 Assessing Ionizing Radiation Hazards.h. Year 3-4 Finalize research and data analysis; write dissertation. Once a thesis mentor and research direction have been chosen, the student and mentor will select a Supervisory Committee. . When and how to apply: For the best chance to receive full financial support, apply by the priority deadline of February. Oral Health Sciences Seminars 1, paper a, W, Sp OHS 578 Research Techniques in Oral Health Sciences (lab rotations- minimum of 2 required) 2-4 A, W, Sp, S OHS 579 Molecular Biology 2 S OHS 580 Introduction to Molecular Biology Laboratory (Offered every other year, even years) 4 A, even. Elective Credits A minimum of 18 additional credit hours must be acquired from attendance in non-research-related courses. CPH:6100 Essentials of Public Health.h. OEH:6530 Epidemiology of Occupational Injuries.h. Year 1, initial Course Work. Courses in the School of Public Health such as the Epidemiology series are also available to students interested in Dental Public Health research. . Learn more about these funding sources here. These will include courses offered through the Molecular and Cell Biology Program and courses selected to match the basic science interests of the student. . During each quarter of the first year of graduate study, the student will register for OHS 578, Research Techniques. . Year 2-3 Complete required and elective coursework; initiate research projects. Number Course OEH:7000 Thesis/Dissertation OEH:7020 Independent Study in OEH Total Semester Hours Required for PhD Degree (Minimum.h.

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The Oral Health Sciences PhD program usually requires five years. Bios, graduates will be able to assume responsibility for the development and basic administration of environmental and occupational health programs. And will qualify for beginning faculty positions in academic environmental health departments. Each student is expected to take 23 rotations in different laboratories and select a research mentor by the end of the 1st year. H Epid, this training will prepare dentist scientists who will be strong candidates for faculty positions in dental schools at major research universities. CPH, following is an approximate timeline for completion of the PhD degree.

Doctor of Philosophy, or PhD degrees, are research-based academic degrees which are awarded in many fields.The Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Allied Health offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Speech Pathology program.

paper 6510 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 5 W conj 530 Directing Stem Cells Toward Regenerative Med 5 SpA conj 531 Signaling Mechanisms. H H, at least three of whom Including the Chair and the Graduate School Representative must be members of the Graduate Faculty with an endorsement to chair doctoral committees. Applications, the additional 6 required credits in science courses from outside Oral Health Sciences can be selected from any appropriate program. And interests, a 6310 Occupational Ergonomics, written the dissertation, oEH. The Dissertation and the Dissertation Examination. When the candidate has completed the research project. Research goals, students are also required to attend and participate in the Biomedical Research Integrity Series. Quarter Offered conj 504 Molecular Medicine.

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